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NASMD Membership Requirements

There are three membership options.  Please see the requirements for each option below.

Retail Dealers

Retail dealer membership is open to any business that satisfies the following requirements:

  • Maintain a permanent place of business open during regular daily business hours.
  • Make regular sales calls on school music departments.
  • Sell or rent music instruments for use in school music programs.
  • Take an active part in supporting local school music programs.
  • Provide professional & competent repair services for instruments used by students in school music programs.
  • Maintain an inventory of school music instruments and accessories.

Associate Members

Associate membership is open to any business entity that manufactures or distributes school music instruments, related products, or services to retail dealers of school music instruments.

Emeritus Members

In order to be eligible for Emeritus membership, you must be a former principal of an NASMD member company for at least three years who is no longer active in the business.